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Business and Technical Writing

I'm a liberal arts major, but some of my best friends and mentors are engineers and members of the military.  I love to translate jargon into "English."

Student Writing Coach

Seeing students succeed and feel comfortable with writing makes me very proud. 

Family Stories

 I will help you record and transcribe stories told by your family, or we can work from notes and snippets. Get those stories on paper and share them with your kids and elders! 

Business and Technical Writing, Student Writing Coach, and Family Stories

High Plains Wordsmith


High Plains Wordsmith

Pushing back the chaos of

bad writing, one word at a time.

This is the perfect kind of work for me. I like to say that the only "slant" we have at Our Community News is that we make the meetings sound shorter and more coherent than they really were.    Let me help you do that, too.

Thank you! Lisa